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Is Andrew Maguire a US Federal Reserve Plant?

Greetings my fiat friends. I trust that paper is keeping you well? None of the hyperinflation promised by the precious metal advocates? No real need for the barbarous relic that is gold? No. That's what I thought. 

Normally my inbox is filled with naught but threats from the precious metals cartel as well as cease and desist emails from Ben Bernanke's secretary, asking me politely to refrain from daily notes of praise for the great man. Today I bring you a letter of a more serious nature. Frank Fiatstein writes in questioning, just who is Andrew Maguire? He is certainly not known by myself or my unnamed insider paper advocates as a double agent, but would I tell you if he was?

I would encourage you to share your thoughts in the comment section below, especially if you have any insight into Mr Maguire's shady history...

- Paper Money Shield

Dear Paper Money Shield,

I am an investigative journalist looking into the murky world of precious metals. Your site has been a valuable resource and you are obviously highly connected in the paper money world.

I have come across some admittedly circumstantial, but highly compelling, evidence that a Mr Andrew Maguire is not all that he purports to be, and it is not favourable to your side. I believe that Mr Maguire is a US Federal Reserve plant, a double agent spy. Can you confirm or deny this? It seems to me that manipulation is not just on the goldbug side. Consider the following facts:

1.       Mr Maguire came out of nowhere only a few years ago, with no previous involvement in the internet gold community. Google searches reveal nothing.

2.       Mr Maguire is said to be a former Goldman Sachs trader. We all know GS has planted many former employees in government positions seeking to influence them to suit itself.

3.       Jeff Christian, who also worked at GS, could not find anyone in the precious metals industry who had heard of Mr Maguire and Mr Maguire has failed to provide a CV listing his employment in rebuttal.

4.       Searches on London newspapers such as the London Times, The Guardian, The Sun, and The Telegraph, for confirmation of the supposed hit-and-run that sent Andrew Maguire and his wife to the hospital give no results, which is strange for such a dramatic event which involved hospitalization, a head-on at full speed (with the driver hitting 2 other cars as he sped off), and police helicopters.

5.       Mr Maguire supposedly has deep contacts in the precious metals market, yet did not inform his readers that a price smash was coming, causing them to lose a lot of money.

The lack of a prior history and inability to provide a CV are calling cards of a fake identity, created quickly. The hit-and-run adds the necessary drama to get the attention of the silly emotional goldbugs, and is brilliant psychology which is designed to cast Mr Maguire as a martyr – how most goldbugs see themselves and thus create a connection between them and their misinformation agent.

The last piece of the puzzle came into place for me with Mr Maguire’s inability to warn of the gold price smash. Clearly his brief is to engage in Psy Ops to screw the goldbugs over with illogical theories about how the precious metals markets work (which don’t accord with reality, creating cognitive dissonance within the goldbug mind) and then get them to lose money buy just telling them to hold precious metals forever. Clearly the end objective is to demoralise goldbugs so they will never buy precious metals again.

The reference to him working at Goldman is probably the only correct part of his cover story. It is not coincidental that he led his followers into the trap of being long while his former employer said, just before the biggest smash in the gold market (suspicious in itself), that the gold price would fall and to go short. GS needed silly longs to execute their short strategy against and Mr Maguire obliged.

Being a paper money advocate, I doubt you will be prepared to reveal your paper master’s brilliant double cross of the goldbugs in what I think will end up being GoldGate. While the advantages of paper money are clear to me and anyone with half a brain, and the silly goldbugs deserve to lose their money, I nevertheless am bound to seek the truth. It seems to me the paper money advocates do not have clean hands in this matter. I challenge you to publish this email and come clean.

Yours sincerely,
Freddy Fiatstein


  1. Ima Marican04:13

    But he must be real. The accident must be real. The New York Post had an article about it, and it is a newspaper! The best! Wikipedia ("The Internet's Dictionary") says it is "known for its sensationalist headlines and yellow journalism."

    So the real news is that the US has a paper that is so sensational and journalistic that it scooped the London papers in reporting this. The London papers then conspired not to report it, so London people would not know.

    Yours Truly,


  2. Wait... So Freddy is asserting that the Federal Reserve, via it's agent Andrew Maguire, is trying to get people to buy and hold gold forever? Did I read that right? lol. That's a riot.

    1. It seems plausible to me. Somebody has to be left holding the bag when Goldman Sachs sells short. Most "stackers" may even sell out right after the bottom after constant reassurance from Maguire that higher prices are just around the corner.

  3. flat luvr13:33

    Seems I heard that that he libor was manipulated, Is that possible?

  4. Anonymous17:18

    The hit & run incident in London was very real. I know this for a fact, as I was a witness to the crime. This I can tell you for a fact: the car that was driven at Andrew was driven by JPMorgan thugs, and they were wearing 60's style gangster hats and mirror sun-glasses. The car they drove was a powerful V8, and it made an incredible noise when they rev'd the engine. I hope these facts convince you. Thank you.

  5. Anonymous21:59

    hey mate, can you please tell us the colour of the car that attempted to run him down? thx. Also please advise if there were any rust spots.